Individualized Care According to Patient Needs

Our History

After working as a nurse in home health care for over 11 years and seeing home health agencies being run more like a corporation instead of focusing on patients’ needs, Mentoria Echols decided to open her own agency. Mentoria wanted her agency to be different and offer individualized care according to patients’ needs, not the need of the company to make a large profit.

As a nurse, Mentoria provided a caring hand to seniors and was able to personally witness the difference home health made in their lives. Her experiences in fighting for appropriate care for the patients allow her to operate her company based on what the patient truly needs, not the bottom dollar.

Mentoria does not have to answer to any corporate office and is able to assign visits according to patients’ needs. Mentoria has a caring heart and is humble. This has allowed her agency to give exceptional care and to prosper in a very competitive industry. Healing Touch Homecare, LLC’s goal is not to be the largest home health agency but the best home health agency!

Mission Statement

To deliver quality, competent, and reliable home health care services with integrity to our valued clients and their families through safe and ethical practices.

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